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Kanin Howell, the son of renowned stunt coordinator Norman Howell, has built a reputation as a skilled and tough stunt performer, coordinator, and actor. With a deep love for filmmaking and an unwavering desire to get the shot no matter what, Kanin immersed himself in the industry from an early age. Debuting at five in "Vice Versa," his dedication and talent quickly made him a sought-after stunt double for stars like Ryan Gosling, Matthew Perry, Ewan McGregor, and Elijah Wood.

Norman Howell's own impressive career influenced Kanin greatly. Norman began his journey in the film industry at fourteen with an acting part in "The Cowboys," where he was taught how to throw his first movie punch by John Wayne. His career skyrocketed as he doubled for stars like John Travolta, Richard Chamberlain, and Roger Moore. Norman's transition to stunt coordination included iconic films like "Footloose" and "Dances with Wolves," earning him a place among the industry's top professionals.

Kanin's journey includes iconic films like "Django Unchained," "Westworld," and "Dances with Wolves." His coordination skills shine in projects like the Emerald Nuts commercial "Addicted to Golf," "The Call" starring Halle Berry, and TV shows like "Counterpart" and "Scream Queens." As an actor, Kanin has appeared in films such as "Death Sentence," "Priest," and "Secondhand Lions," and in TV shows like "Westworld," "Grimm," "True Blood," "Sons of Anarchy," and "Criminal Minds."

In 2007, Kanin achieved a lifelong dream by becoming a member of Stunts Unlimited, an elite organization of top stunt professionals founded by Hal Needham, Ronnie Rondell, and Glenn Wilder. This prestigious group, known for its high standards and innovative approach, also counts his father, Norman Howell, among its members. Being part of this exclusive club was a childhood aspiration for Kanin, symbolizing the pinnacle of his profession.

Throughout his career, Kanin has tackled countless dangerous stunts, always ready to get back up for the next take. He never chased adrenaline; his passion was always about the art of making movies and the joy of storytelling. His humility and focus on family and mental health define his personal life, keeping him grounded despite his professional success.

Kanin's impressive resume includes stunt doubling for Michael Cera and Tony Hale in "Arrested Development," Skeet Ulrich, James Marsden in "Westworld," and Scott Foley in "The Unit." He has also stunt doubled Charlie Hunnam, Josh Halloway, Andy Samberg, and Chris Carmack.

Now a prominent stunt coordinator, Kanin continues to shape the action in Hollywood with high-profile commercials for brands like Nike, Geico, and Walmart. His journey from a young stuntman to a respected coordinator and actor is a testament to his skill, toughness, and unwavering dedication to the craft he loves.

Kanin resides in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife, Shiva, and their two boys, Hunter and Maverick.

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