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Kanin Howell is the son of Norman Howell, a two time Emmy winning Stunt Coordinator and multiple award winning Stuntman. Having a father in the business, Kanin was exposed to movie-making at an early age. Naturally he followed in his father Norman's footsteps, and debuted as a Stuntman at the age of five, working on the film Vice Versa and earning his coveted SAG-AFTRA card. After that, Kanin started working regularly, stunt doubling numerous actors. Kanin, a third generation cowboy, showcased his excellent horseback ability on several projects including the multiple Academy Award winning film, Dances With Wolves, in which he was cabled off the back of a horse at only 8 years old. As a child he also stunt doubled for Elijah Wood on Radio Flyer, and had the privilege of working with director Tim Burton on the film Ed Wood. The young stunt man quickly created a name for himself in the film industry working on numerous hits including The Patriot, Pearl Harbor, Spider-Man and many more, all before his twenty-first birthday. In 2007 Kanin became a member of Stunts Unlimited, an elite group of professional Stuntmen founded in 1970 by the Legendary Stuntman Hal Needham.

“In 2007 Kanin became a member of Stunts Unlimited, an elite group of professional Stuntmen; founded in 1970, by the Legendary Stuntman Hal Needham.”

By the age of twenty-five, Kanin already had hundreds of credits under his belt and made the transition to Stunt Coordinating, further advancing his career. The first project Kanin Stunt Coordinated was the national Emerald Nuts commercial "Addicted to Golf", directed by Brian Lee Hughes. Since then, Kanin has Stunt Coordinated dozens of commercials including the popular Mountian Dew Kickstart Super Bowl commercial, Dairy Queen, Geico, L'Oréal Paris, Burger King, and Walmart. Kanin's Film Stunt Coordinating credits include the 2013 hit film, The Call, starring Halle Berry. Kanin's Television Stunt Coordinating credits include Season 1 of the hit Starz drama Counterpart staring J.K. Simmons, Season 2 of Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens, and Season 4 of the cult classic Arrested Development.


Despite his achievements in the stunt world, Kanin also had a passion for acting. He trained with renowned actress and acting coach Dee Wallace Stone, and has since had the privilege of working with many Hollywood heavyweights including Kevin Bacon, Dennis Hopper, Kyra Sedgwick, Christian Slater, and many more. Kanin has appeared in such Films as Death Sentence, Priest, and Secondhand Lions. On the small screen, Kanin has appeared in some of television's most popular drama series, including Westworld, Grimm, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, and Criminal Minds.


With two Screen Actors Guild nominations under his belt, Kanin continues to advance his accomplished stunt career. Kanin resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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